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The Baja Pro XS is perfect for rock crawling, mudding and generally showing off. With the title of “the world’s tallest D.O.T approved LT tyre” your rig definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Key Features

  • Angled Shoulder Scallops - Self-clean and assist in additional off-road traction
  • Mud Scoops - Create a void to keep mud from sticking to the tyres and giving you improved traction.
  • Four-Pitch Sidebiters - Break up the terrain for additional sidewall protection and traction.
  • Dual De-Coupling Grooves - For increased Sidewall flex and extra traction
  • Four-Ply Nylon Sidewall - Gives you increased puncture resistance, improved handling and better tration
  • Silica Reinforced Compound - Improved cut and chip resistance. Improved wet handling and braking performance.

Performance Category: Off Road 4WD Maximum Traction

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
19.50/46R16 NHSNHS1178
15/43R17 NHSNHS1075
35/13R17 NHSNHS879
38/13R17 NHSNHS963
40/13R17 NHSNHS1016
15/43R20 NHSNHS1083
17/49R20 NHSNHS1207
19.50/54R20 NHSNHS1364
19.50/46R20 NHSNHS1176
21/58R24 NHSNHS1468

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