Michelin Agilis 3 is a commercial light van tyre that delivers long life and energy efficiency. The Michelin Agilis 3 delivers a safer and longer performance from the first kilometre until the last

Key Features

  • SAFETY MADE TO LAST - Market leading in wet braking performance from the 1st to the last kilometer - 11% Shorter wet braking when tyre has been worn - Thanks to Unique kerbing shields protection against sidewall damage.
  • EVERY DROP COUNTS - 12% superior rolling resistance resulting in reduced fuel consumption giving you the environmental advantage.
  • YOUR PARTNER FOR LONGER - Up to 25% more mileage vs previous generation - Less downtime, therefore more savings for you and your business
  • STONE EJECTORS - Horizontal bars in the tread groove that are designed to minimize stone trapping, resulting in a tyre that keeps your down time to a minimum and lowers your running costs
  • U SHAPE GROOVES - A more ‘vertical’ design increases void ratio by 2mm, allowing for greater water clearance for lasting wet grip performance
  • SIDEWALL SHIELDS - Made with an Abrasion-resistant rubber compound. These shields give added protection without compromising the casing flexibility
  • INNOVATIVE POLYMER - Allows higher density of silica & carbon black materials leading to improved wet grip, fuel saving and mileage performances
  • FULL DEPTH SIPES - Ensuring good flexibility of the tread blocks, resulting in market leading wet grip performance; both new and when worn
  • UNDER TREAD - Keeps the operating temperature cooler thus helps reduce fuel costs.

Performance Category: Commercial

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
185R14 102/100R102/100R647
185/80R14 102/100R102/100R652
195R14 106/104R106/104R666
205/75R14 109/107RR109/107RR663
195/70R15 104/102S104/102S654
195R15 108R108R694
205/70R15 106/104S106/104S668
205/65R15 102/100T102/100T648
215/70R15 109/107S109/107S682
215/65R15 104/102T104/102T661
225/70R15 112/110S112/110S696
195/75R16 107/105T107/105T699
195/65R16 104/102R104/102R660
205/65R16 107/105T107/105T673
205/75R16 113/111R113/111R714
215/75R16 113/111T113/111T729
215/65R16 109/107T109/107T686
215/70R16 108/106T108/106T707
225/75R16 121/120R121/120R744
225/65R16 112/110R112/110R699
235/65R16 121/119R121/119R712
235/65R16 115/113T115/113T712
235/60R16 117/115T117/115T688
215/60R17 109/107T109/107T690

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