Whether you are in wet or dry conditions, being focussed on handling and braking control, this radial tyre will comfortably give you a good ride.

Key Features

  • Wide profile styling for modern muscle. Raised white letter and wide profile styling.
  • Superb lateral stability and steering response. Classic look with modern technology.
  • Nearly 40 years of real racing heritage and technology. North America’s first performance radial tyre.
  • High performance with low noise levels. Unique tread block phasing
  • Exceptional wet and dry traction and control, with long, even wear. Variable groove angle geometry and performance tread compounding.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
205/60R13 86S86S576
205/70R14 93S93S643
225/60R14 94S94S626
235/60R14 96S96S638
245/60R14 98S98S650
205/60R15 90S90S627
215/70R15 97S97S682
215/65R15 95S95S661
215/60R15 93S93S639
225/60R15 95S95S651
235/60R15 98S98S663
245/60R15 100S100S675
255/60R15 102S102S687
255/70R15 108S108S738
275/60R15 107S107S711
295/50R15 105S105S676

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