From the company that created the first all-terrain 4WD tyre in 1976, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO2 is the toughest All-terrain tyre ever. Engineered from BFGoodrich’s championship off-road motorsports racing technology, the KO2 4x4 tyre delivers exceptional toughness, durability and traction for traversing harsh conditions, including gravel, dirt, rock, mud and snow. The new KO2 4WD tyre will give you the confidence to take on the toughest challenges for work or play.

Key Features

  • The KO2 uses CoreGard technology developed in the Baja T/A KR2 4WD tyre for split and bruise-resistant sidewall rubber and a thicker, extended shoulder to prevent sidewall failures. Computer modeling was used to predict object paths creating a sidewall design most likely to deflect protruding objects, reducing the chances of splits and snags. The result is a tougher 4x4 tyre so you can take on terrain in all conditions.
  • The KO2 4x4 tyre has a new tread design and rubber formulation that helps it last twice as long on gravel and 15 percent longer on bitumen than the previous KO 4WD tyre. The tread rubber has been optimally blended to reduce chips and tears on gravel. A new footprint shape and interlocking tread design provide more uniform wear over the long-haul. Special stone ejectors push objects out of the tread to reduce drilling into the tyre.
  • The KO2 4WD tyre also has a range of tread features for better mud and snow traction. Side-Biter lugs in the sidewall improve traction in mud, snow and rocks. Raised bars in the shoulder help release compacted mud for better traction in soft soil. 3-D sipes create biting edges for better snow and sand traction.
  • Protruding sidewall rubber blocks provide increased mud, snow & rock traction, especially in aired-down driving situations.
  • Raised bars in the shoulder tread help release compacted mud for enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions.
  • Staggered shoulder blocks provide greater maneuverability in soft soil and deep snow conditions. Combined with 3-D active sipe technology that provide more biting edges, the KO2 4WD tyre exceeds Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA) Severe Snow Traction requirements.

Performance Category: All Terrain

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
30/9R15 104S104S762
31/10R15 109S109S787
32/11R15 113R113R813
33/10R15 114R114R838
33/12R15 108R108R838
35/12R15 113Q113Q889
215/75R15 100S100S704
235/75R15 104S104S734
215/70R16 100R100R707
215/65R16 103S103S686
225/75R16 115S115S744
225/70R16 102R102R721
235/70R16 104S104S735
235/85R16 120S120S806
245/75R16 120R120R774
245/70R16 113S113S749
255/70R16 120S120S763
265/75R16 123R123R804
265/70R16 121S121S777
275/70R16 119S119S791
285/75R16 117T117T834
295/75R16 128R128R849
305/70R16 124R124R833
315/75R16 127R127R879
33/12R17 120S120S838
225/65R17 107S107S724
225/70R17 110/107S110/107S747
235/65R17 109/105R109/105R737
245/65R17 111S111S750
245/70R17 119S119S775
255/65R17 114S114S763
255/70R17 121S121S789
265/65R17 120S120S776
265/70R17 112S112S803
275/65R17 121S121S789
275/70R17 121R121R817
285/70R17 121R121R831
285/70R17 116S116S 831
305/65R17 121R121R828
315/70R17 121S121S873
33/12R18 118S118S838
235/60R18 108/104R108/104R739
255/55R18 109R109R738
265/70R18 124R124R828
265/60R18 119S119S775
265/65R18 122R122R802
275/65R18 123R123R815
275/70R18 125R125R842
285/65R18 117T117T828
285/60R18 118S118S799
305/65R18 124R124R854
33/12R20 114S114S838
35/12R20 121R121R889
275/55R20 115S115S811
275/65R20 126S126S866
285/60R20 125S125S851
285/55R20 117T117T822
305/55R20 121S121S844
325/60R20 126S126S898

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